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Snide Remarks in Sotto Voce

Snide Remarks in Sotto Voce Book Cover

A literary skewering of modern communication and lifestyle, this book includes 47 of Kathryn Higgins’s humorous writings, most of which have been previously published in literary journals, magazines, and humor webzines.


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Writer for Hire

I have experience writing Web site content, profiles of people and businesses, opinions and articles, applications of all sorts but especially school applications (see also editing, since college applications especially must be written by the applicant), social media posts, researched articles, interviews, textual analyses, grant applications, letters including thank you letters and rejection letters, and, […]


Some things you just have to write yourself as a matter of integrity. College application essays come to mind. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get serious help with your work. I can consult with you before/during the writing and provide editing. Sometimes these things need to be re-evisioned (re-written). So leave time! I find […]


If you want to become a better writer, or are struggling with writing in general, I can provide tutoring at your site. I have a Mary-Poppins bag of tricks to improve writing, including: making every word count. Precision without pomposity. Using white space to advantage. Avoiding this & that statements. Diction. Professional presentation. Avoiding hyperbole. […]


Whether you’re writing fiction, creative nonfiction, or poetry, workshopping your writing with a group is invaluable. But if you’ve ever attended writing workshops, you may have noticed how often they go awry. Sometimes writers feel like they need to defend their work; sometimes writers want to tell the group again what they’ve already told them […]


Tips for Writing Better

  Thou shalt do the following: Have something to say. It’s hard to emphasize this enough. If you’re bored while writing, your reader will...
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School Applications and College Essays and Short Questions, Oh My!

I have a special fondness for school applications. It’s an area of expertise for me. Both of my kids went to private boarding schools (The Hill School...
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Drop-Kick the Five-Paragraph Essay

How many paragraphs do you need to make an essay?  How many sentences do you need to make a paragraph? How many words do you need to make a sent
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  • Luke B., student

    Professor Higgins taught the first college class I ever took and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. She made sure we were all learning, and was willing to help me on essays and give advice after class. She’s made a lasting impact on my life both through her kindness and the knowledge she’s imparted upon me. I came out of her class a better writer and a better person.

  • Kris S., Mom

    I was working on the daunting task of answering the essay questions on six private elementary
    school applications for our young daughter when I realized I needed support. I sought out
    someone who would provide me with an unbiased editor’s eye. Enter Kathryn. A mom herself,
    Kathryn told me “show, don’t tell” and with her guidance and astute editor’s eye, I submitted six
    powerful applications, which conveyed who we are as a family and our daughter’s unique
    strengths and stretches. Out of six schools, we were accepted at four and waitlisted at two! We
    are ecstatic. Kathryn is smart, witty and has got an infectious laugh to boot. So grateful we had
    her support on this journey – she makes writing fun!

  • Tad L., Dad

    I had to fill out an important but ridiculously long form for my son’s school.  I kept putting it off, and then found Kathryn, who helped me get it done on short notice.  A life saver!

  • Bernice S., writing workshop compatriot

    Kathryn Higgins is a marvelous writer, funny, sensitive and easy to read.  She is gifted in editing and always finds something to crystallize what the writer couldn’t see. I miss having her in Connecticut.

  • Luciana F., college student

    “Dear Professor Higgins, 

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 

    I just wanted to send you a little note to thank you for two great semesters. I have really enjoyed learning from you in both English 101 and 102. The classes you taught have made me fall in love with English so… I have decided to minor in English (on the Writing Track)!” 

  • Edie U., mom

    Kathryn helped my daughter with her college application essay. My daughter had chosen to write about a difficult time in her life and how she overcame it. Kathryn did not take over and write the essay! Rather, she gave astute, insightful suggestions on how my daughter could write well about this sensitive topic. It must have worked, because my daughter was accepted into her dream school: USC!”

  • Kurt Luchs, writer and editor

    “Kathryn Higgins can wring wisdom and humor from almost any subject, and then zap you with an unexpected moment of deep feeling. If you’d like to see that kind of power and grace in your own writing, she’s the one to lead the way.”

  • Christine V, mom

    “OMG. She got in and received the Bryant University Dean Scholarship worth 80k! Today is a landmark day. Thanks again for your help!”

  • David, owner of

    “Kathryn rewrote key elements of my Web site, making it a much more succinct, professional presentation. I recommend her writing/editing services.” 

  • Whitney Collins, writer and editor

    “Kathryn’s knowledge of, and gift for, the written word are second only to her infectious wit. My respect for her, both as a writer and fighter, know no bounds.”