Kathryn A. Higgins has a B.A. in English Literature from the University of California at Berkeley and an M.F.A. in Creative Nonfiction Writing from Sarah Lawrence College.

She taught writing at various colleges for seven years. She’s won fellowships, grants and scholarships – by writing applications. Her collection of humor, Snide Remarks in Sotto Voce, is available on ebook outlets. She’s working on self-publishing another ebook entitled Down and Out in Darien, Connecticut. The book is based on her Financial Stress column for The Faster Times. The title is an homage to George Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and London, but she figures most people will think of Down and Out in Beverly Hills.

Kathryn has been published in McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Real Simple Magazine, TheBigJewel.com, Thoughtcatalog.com, Health.com, TheFasterTimes.com, Xtremetravelstories.com, Jalopnik.com (a Gawker publication), ErrantParent.com, Spitefulcritic.com, Sanskrit, TheRumpus.net, Meat for Tea, Farmhousemagazine.com, The Litchfield Literary Review, The American Organist, Darien.Patch.com, sammichespsychmeds.com, Whatever, Musings, The Connecticut Post and other newspapers. She was a reader for The Paris Review. An article in TheRumpus.net listed her as one of the funniest women writers for McSweeney’s. An article in The New York Times Magazine praised her column for The Faster Times. The NY Times Magazine article is still available online; unfortunately The Faster Times is now defunct. (see the last paragraph of Andrew Rice’s “Putting a Price on Words):

Kathryn just moved back to California after living in New York City and Connecticut for, well, quite a while. A single mom, Kathryn’s two kids attended boarding prep schools on scholarship and now are students at Emory University and Princeton University.

Kathryn loves the beach, sunsets, and walks in the park. Haha, that’s a joke, because it’s cliché, but, honestly, she really does like those things. In fact, she chose Southern California when she moved back specifically because she missed the beach. (Kathryn is pissed that her lyrical essay “The Beach” hasn’t been published by anyone yet.) She is also a big fan of music, especially alternative rock and classical. She got really into choral music when her son was a choirboy at St. Thomas Church Fifth Avenue in New York City. “I am the most church-going atheist I know,” she says.

Kathryn is happiest when crafting a written piece. “That’s when I get in the zone,” she says. She especially enjoys writing humor, but her Financial Stress column for The Faster Times won her the most attention. She went through a difficult time after her divorce, and her editor made her write about it.

“I like to laugh when I’m writing,” she says. Even her Financial Stress column included some humor, which either delighted or dismayed her readers.

She wrote this little bio in third person. What do you think? Should she change it to first person? “Hey, I’m breaking the fourth wall here in my bio!” That’s something she can discuss in person.